Here There Be Bears

Here There Be Bears is an interactive media project - part film, part escape room, part virtual reality video game - that immerses the player in the experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Here, trauma is the bear, lurking somewhere in the penumbra of the cave, seen only in shadow and heard only in echoes. Those with trauma must learn how to deal with their own personal bear - by running from it, hiding from it, confronting it, or being consumed by it.

Set in the dark labyrinth of the mind of the protagonist, Sam, the player, will follow the fragmented memories of the caving accident that left her with residual trauma years later. In the midst of her panic, a mysterious voice, emanating from her phone begins urging her to push through her fear to break free. Even after making it back to reality several times, new triggers and temptations keep her revisiting the shards of traumatic memory.
Slowly, the player will approach the shameful secret surrounding Sam’s accident, and will come to discover the true nature of the voice on the phone. The ultimate goal is escape, but the player will have to balance the need to escape with the urge to dig deeper into Sam’s mind to uncover all of her memories, even as each iteration makes it harder to break free.

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The Team

Portrait of Lexy Vecchio

Lexy Vecchio


Lead Game Dev, Project Director, Artistic Designer

Portrait of Eli

Elijah Mann


Music Supervisor & Co-Composer

Portrait of Jordan

Jordan Lindley



Portrait of Matt

Matt Caraway


Audio Coordinator & Sound Engineer

Portrait of Avi

Avi Scully


Distribution Manager & Lead 2D Artist

Portrait of Chelsea

Chelsea Edwards


Lead Programmer & Supervising Producer

Portrait of Bridget

Bridget Stack


Advocacy Coordinator

Portrait of Austin

Austin Hainey


Sound Designer